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Protection for the Open Road

Whether you ride a street bike, cruiser, touring bike, or even a custom chopper, your motorcycle is synonymous with two things: freedom and adventure. You enjoy the freedom and excitement of the open road and long for the adventure it brings.  But with adventure comes uncertainty, and with freedom comes responsibility. And while you may not know what lies over the next hill, the right coverage can ensure that you are prepared for it all.

A Motorcycle Insurance policy from Jeffers Insurance Agency is designed to be as unique as the bike and the owner it protects. Make sure you choose the protection that is right for you with a range of coverage options to secure you and your bike, such as:

  • Collision Coverage
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Damage caused by Uninsured or Underinsured Motorists
  • Bodily Injury Liability
  • Property Damage Liability
  • Medical Payments Coverage
  • Guest Passenger Liability

Additional Motorcycle Coverage Options

At Jeffers Insurance Agency, our service does not stop when you walk out the door. With special features like additional Roadside Assistance, Towing and Labor Costs, and Replacement coverage for custom parts and equipment, you will never be alone on the road. You can even receive multi-policy discounts and safety course rewards to help you combine and save.

Classic Motorcycle Insurance

Owning and operating a motorcycle is fun, even inspiring.  Collecting, caring for, and maintaining vintage or classic motorcycles are fulfilling in numerous ways and can be passions.  Collecting and maintaining motorcycles comes with significant risks however, most of which revolve around potential losses due to property damage.  The risks that cause these losses must be mitigated if motorcycle collectors hope to avoid paying large out-of-pocket costs in the event of unexpected incidents.  Insurance mitigates these risks and keeps collectors and their vehicles secure. 

At Jeffers Insurance Agency we provide this insurance and keep investments protected.  Our classic motorcycle insurance program is extensive and has coverages that are broad and numerous.  These coverages help you create a solution that is flexible, protects your collectibles, and gives you the most value. 

What does Classic Motorcycle Insurance do?

Classic motorcycle insurance protects bikes that are more than 25 years old against damages.  There are two kinds of coverage for classic motorcycles: full and comprehensive.  Both types of coverage provide agreed value reimbursements and cover specific motorcycle functions.  The best options for you depend on a number of factors.  We will go over each factor with you so that you have a coverage plan that fits you best. 

If you ride your bike regularly then full coverage is the best option.  If you ride occasionally for short distances and your bike is mostly a collector’s item, then comprehensive coverage is the best option.  Full coverage includes liability protection, which covers bodily injury or property damage caused by a motorcycle.  It also includes uninsured/underinsured motorists protection, which protects against damages caused by an at-fault motorist who does not have sufficient insurance.  In Pennsylvania, pedestrian personal injury protection (PIP) is required as the state is ‘no fault,’ and this type of insurance pays for pedestrian injuries up to policy limits.

Comprehensive coverage is the only insurance option for collectors who don’t ride their motorcycles but keep them on display.  This type of coverage protects owners from paying the costs of restoring or replacing vehicles if the vehicles are stolen or damaged.  Damages can come from any of a host of exposures, including fires, floods, and storms.  We will go over all of the potential causes for damage to your bike with you.  This way, you can select coverages that protect you and your vehicle completely and protect the investments of time, effort, and resources you’ve made. 

Rates and deductibles are determined in part by the exposures policyholders face.  Rates and deductibles are also determined by the limits of coverage.  We will go over each element of your motorcycle collectorship that influences coverage and will find the right mix of coverage and cost. 

Vintage or classic motorcycles tend to appreciate in value, so insurance policies that are written for them often cover full collector value.  Full collector value is agreed upon between bike owners and insurers and reimburses policyholders the full insured values of bikes.  These values cover costs necessary to restore stolen or damaged bikes to their pre-loss conditions.  The value of a bike is another factor that affects rates and deductibles, and we will go over the value of your bike with you in detail.  This, like aforementioned efforts, will help us find you the right solution.

Our team of professional insurance representatives will assist you in deciding which Motorcycle Insurance plan is right for you by determining the discounts and special features you may be eligible to receive.

Prepare for whatever the open road may bring with a comprehensive Motorcycle Insurance policy from Jeffers Insurance Agency.

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