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Helping Riders and Gentleman Farmers in York and Hanover, PA Stay Covered

For equine farmers, the details of caring for, raising, training, and competing with horses are enough to represent a full-time job. You’ve spent time training, taking care of, and most likely competing with your horse. And as a proud owner, it is up to you to ensure its safety and well being. Since your horse represents both a financial and emotional investment, medical expenses can be costly. Equine farmers also have to manage equipment, purchases, and employees, among other things, which leave little time for protecting animals and operations against liability.  This is why at Jeffers Insurance Agency we protect them for you. We get to know your needs and work with you to provide optimal asset protection and risk management solutions.


Whether you farm or operate in Pennsylvania or elsewhere, you need a solid insurance plan for your farm. It’s protection for your investment and a way to protect future operations.

Mortality, Liability, and other Coverages that Keep you Protected

Most property and liability insurance coverage needed by professional horsemen and gentleman farmers is included in Commercial Package Policies, with a few notable exceptions. The coverages in these policies are broad and do not address liabilities that reflect the scope and details of individual horsemen and gentleman farms.

Commercial Package Policies are usually divided into three sections: property, general liability, and vehicles.  It is worth noting that none of these three sections cover specific areas of horse-related farming operations that can create risks that result in significant costs, including horse mortality and major medical insurance, which covers treatment, medication, and surgery due to accidents, injuries, or illnesses.

At Jeffers Insurance, we make sure that all of your risks and liabilities are covered and that you are not subject to potentially business and operation-damaging financial losses. One way that we make sure of this is by providing wide-ranging coverage options, each of which can be tailored to your unique needs in a comprehensive policy.


Our coverage options include:

  • Full Mortality and Theft – insures your animals against death that results from injuries, illnesses, diseases, humane destruction, transportation, or thefts.
  • Major Medical Coverage* – provides reimbursement for costs related to medical and surgical bills caused by accidents, sicknesses, and/or diseases.
  • Loss of Use – compensates you in the event of a horse becoming completely and permanently unable to perform duties for which it was insured.
  • Stallion infertility – covers events in which stallions become permanently incapable of producing offspring due to accidents, illnesses, and/or diseases.

In some cases, farmers and horsemen are able to cover certain parts of their horse farm operations under a homeowners policy, but the coverage in this type of policy is minimal and often leaves critical elements of farming operations unprotected. Commercial policies often exclude specific coverages that gentleman and horse farmers need, and these coverages are added to commercial policies separately. At Jeffers Insurance we’ll help you identify the right coverages for your farm and your operational needs, and we’ll create a policy that’s comprehensive and keep you covered.

*Major Medical Coverage is additional to a Full Mortality policy and cannot be purchased as a standalone product.

Dedicated Agents and Continuous Support

We know horses, farms, and business. We know the needs of horse breeders, trainers, caretakers, and show-people, and we use the knowledge we have to create optimal insurance solutions. Some of our staff grew up on or near farms and have worked on farms themselves. This first-hand experience and the knowledge that comes with it make us better insurers.

We regularly visit the farms and operations we insure so that our policies remain protective. We communicate with clients on an ongoing basis through what become long-term relationships so that coverage updates are easy to make and effective. This way, clients stay protected with no surprises.

We’ll be happy to speak with you about your farm and a plan that covers it. Please contact us or give us a call. You can also start finding out about your policy by requesting a quote.

Jeffers Insurance is proud to provide equine insurance in York, Hanover, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Shrewsbury, and Mechanicsburg, PA. We also serve other areas in PA and we serve MD, NY, VA, and NJ.

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