Collector Train Insurance

Keeping Toy and Model Train Collectors secure in York and Hanover, PA

Building, collecting, and maintaining model train sets is satisfying, fun, and even financially rewarding. Doing this comes with a lot of risks however, most of which revolve around damages to property. These risks can result in significant out-of-pocket costs if the risks are not mitigated. Insurance mitigates these risks and protects collectors and collectors’ investments.  At the Jeffers Insurance Agency we provide this insurance and have an extensive collector train program that gives policyholders the greatest possible value. 

What do Toy and Model Train Collectors Policies do?

Collector train insurance policies protect against damages to collector train sets and secure collectors and the time, effort, and resources that they’ve put into their collections. This type of insurance covers model trains of different sizes, ages, and values, and it enables collectors to care for, maintain, and show trains without sustaining large financial losses. 

Collector train insurance is available at different limits; limits are often determined by appraisals and values agreed upon by collectors and insurers. At Jeffers Insurance we insure for ‘agreed value’ more than market value. This means that we insure trains and train sets for their worth to collectors, not just to markets. In some cases, market value represents the most appropriate limits, and we insure for market value. However, we believe that collectors know best how much their collections are worth, and we honor that in every way we can. 

Collector train insurance is available as a standalone policy or as an add-on to an existing policy. Homeowner’s and renters policies are two kinds of policies on to which collector train insurance can be added. In this case, special riders and/or endorsements are needed. The costs of adding on to an existing policy are often low as collector trains appreciate in value.  For this reason, purchasing a standalone policy is also low-cost. We work with you to find the right mix of coverage and cost, but in almost any case, having the right mix does not translate into having large expenses.

Coverages designed for you and your Collection

Collector train insurance coverages that are broad are often similar from policy to policy. However, each policy is unique in that it has specific coverages that reflect the needs, goals, and budgets, or individual collectors and collections. At Jeffers Insurance we work with you to determine the best coverages for your needs and we create a policy that protects you and your collection completely for the right price.

Due in part to the fact that collector trains appreciate; there are fewer companies that offer collector train insurance. Despite this, we work with different A-rated insurers who provide a wide variety of diverse coverages for collector train insurance. This enables us to deliver expansive and flexible packages that keep collectors secure. 

Our coverage options include:

  • Agreed value coverage
  • Broad coverage
  • Inflation guard protection
  • Collector’s choice
  • Automatic (new addition) coverage

Your limits and deductibles will be determined partly by our assessment of your collection and a thorough examination of your needs, goals, and budget. Your insurance will protect against any risk you face as a collector and/or a show participant.  Fire, flood, theft, and other coverages for losses and/or damages will be included in your policy. 

Working with Jeffers Insurance to find a Solution

We’ve insured collector trains for decades, so we know the needs of collectors. We know that collections have sentimental value to their owners and that they also have financial value. For this reason, we are careful to secure collections properly and to give clients support; this way, clients feel confident in the security of their collection investment. 

We manage risk and claims. We help clients employ best practices so that exposures can be reduced and so that exposures that are faced do not translate into damages. We also advocate for clients and help them achieve suitable resolutions, if and when claims are filed. 

For more information, please contact us or give us a call. You can also request a quote in order to find out some of the details of a policy.

The Jeffers Insurance Agency is proud to provide collector train insurance in York, Hanover, Lancaster, Harrisburg, Shrewsbury, and Mechanicsburg, PA. We also serve other areas in the state and we serve Maryland, New York, and Virginia as well.

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